4 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2021 (And Beyond)

4 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2021 (And Beyond)

Are you a BtoB professional and want to set up a well-established digital marketing strategy ? You are in the right place ! Totally different from the classic strategy of BtoC companies, discover in this article 10 secrets for your BtoB digital marketing strategy!

Tip # 1: use Inbound Marketing in your digital strategy

The Inboud Marketing  is to bring the client itself in a natural way, unlike the conventional method to pick him intrusive manner.  The idea is to attract a qualified audience to your website by using all the channels adapted to your target.

The methodology of inbound marketing

The principle of the Inbound Marketing strategy is to bring visitors to your website and then convert them into a prospect and then into a customer! And for that, you need to create relevant and relevant content to attract and seduce them without investing a colossal budget in advertising. It is a complete and global strategy that makes it possible to generate traffic, obtain leads, convert prospects into customers without forgetting to build loyalty.

In practice, you put in place a content and keywords strategy. A few months later, your first prospects appear. Your strategy is starting to work. Now, you have to keep the interest of your potential customers by capturing them with even more appropriate content. For example, using a free download system for an e-book with a fill-out form to get to know your new visitors better.

Once the information is collected, you take the next step: turning your prospects into buyers. In the case of a digital marketing strategy for BtoB companies, the prospect can also be relaunched by a marketing automation system, personalized newsletters, etc.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to retain it. This is an essential step! Gaining new customers will increase your turnover, but retaining professionals will allow you to sustain your business in the long term.

We will develop all of these tools for your digital marketing strategy in the rest of this article.

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Tip # 2: Take stock of your market

The first step in your digital marketing strategy is to diagnose the market. Indeed, you must know perfectly:

The targets you are aiming for. For this, you can use the Buyer persona tool .

The macro-environment in which your market operates. With the PESTEL analysis , you identify the influences that can act on your company according to 6 areas: Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Ecological and Legal.

Your market, its opportunities and your competitive advantages. You can use the SWOT matrix   (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to structure your study.

Who are the professionals who need my products? Why are my services essential? What are my strengths? Who are my competitors? What tools do they put in place at the strategic, environmental and human level? How can I contact my prospects? Etc.

All these questions allow you to first think in a pragmatic way about the future actions that you can put in place. It’s a full analysis and a sort of health check of your competition that you need to do.

Analyzing the market, your strengths and weaknesses as well as your competitors’ digital marketing strategy is the first step before finding your tools to position yourself as an expert.

Tip 3: structure your website

Your online presence strategy requires an optimized website. So, before you start selling your products, you need to structure your website. As you can imagine, to offer your services to other professionals, your virtual showcase, that is to say your website, must be perfectly organized, clear and precise.

Your tree structure must be thought out upstream and fully optimized before considering an SEO strategy.

Your home page is the entrance to your site, it is one of the first pages that your Internet user consults. It must in a few seconds meet the need for it. Information is therefore crucial. The page should neither be overloaded nor too empty. Remember that today the mobile is more and more used to carry out research, your website must therefore be adapted to all media (tablet, mobile…).

You then optimize your product pages among your main categories. These must contain all the necessary and useful information, going to the point. Price, description, attractive visual, call to action button …

Most websites have a “blog” section. The blog offers optimized articles that appeal to search engines (for natural referencing) and relevant content to inform your readers. To do this, you organize your blog by finding  ideas for  relevant content .

Tip 4: set up a natural referencing strategy

Natural referencing or SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for an effective digital marketing strategy . This consists of implementing different techniques to improve the positioning of your pages on the list of search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). A well-referenced site is located in the first lines offered to the reader.

The three levers of natural referencing are:

The content (keyword strategy, relevant content, quality text, etc.);

The technique (HTML tags, light site, site adapted to mobiles, etc.);

Backlinks (links from other sites that recommend your pages).

Setting up an SEO strategy is a tedious step that takes a lot of time, but brings long-term results.

Targeted and precise keywords

In the case of a BtoB company with a very targeted product (niche market), the searches are certainly lower (in number), but more relevant.

Indeed, when you target wide, you are targeting more people. However, the larger the query, the less guarantee you have that the prospect will be transformed. The more precise the search, the more likely it is to be converted, because the result meets a specific need.

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