How to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Business and Register it

How to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Business and Register it

Creating a website for your business can be difficult.

It’s also challenging, rewarding, and gets you closer to your personal and business goals.

If you’re currently in the process of picking a domain name for your business and the way you can proceed once you find that special name, then read on. Here’s the entire process summarized.

Begin early in your business development process

The right time for considering a domain name is right after naming your business. If your business is created to have a significant online presence, then it follows that your business name will be influenced by the available domain names. Planning your domain name early is a vital step for branding, marketing, and protecting your brand.

Follow this checklist

You can follow these tried and tested universal rules when selecting the right domain name. Not only do you want it to support your brand, butthe right domain name also needs to be:

  • Short
  • Unique and memorable
  • Easy to spell
  • SEO-friendly
  • Relevant to the website content

It may be difficult to secure a domain name that can fit all these criteria, but you can still use this list to help identify the right domain name after brainstorming a list of other possibilities.

Use a domain name search tool

Many top web hosting and domain registrars offer their domain name search tool for free. These tools will help you search for keywords, possible domains, and name variations while checking availabilities. This tool will save you a lot of time during the process.

Keep an open mind as you search

Start searching for your ideal domain first and do it even if it’s so common that it seems impossible. If it’s unavailable, you still get a starting point for exploring suitable alternatives.

If your top domain name consideration is not available, you can use a domain name search tool to check possible alternatives. This part of the process naturally takes a long time, so consider seeking assistance from everyone involved in the development of your business to speed up this stage.

Understand top-level domains

Top-level domains, or TLD, is the URL part that follows the domain name. This includes .com, .net and .org are TLDs. If you’re going with a domain name for a for-profit business, begin your search with .com. If you’re struggling to find a match for a .com domain, you can consider other TLDs, such as .net, .info, or even .biz.

Note that straying from a .com domain may make your domain harder to remember. You may also visit the website of your preferred .com domain before registering counterparts. You don’t want to create confusion and unnecessary competition by endorsing a similar business with a comparable domain name.

If available, register your domain name immediately

Once you lock into a domain name that works, register it immediately. While it’s not advisable to register 50 domain names, the purchase is affordable enough to grab a handful that may work as alternatives. You can also benefit from alternate domain names related to your brand for special offers, stand-alone landing pages, and specific products.‚Äč

How do I register a domain name?

When you do a domain search, note that other options such as .travel, .design, and. club are also available. For domain registrars like Crazy Domains, the registration is as easy as adding your chosen domain name to the cart and checking it out. If you’re unsure of any process, you can seek immediate assistance from them or by going through their resources for more details.

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