How To Remove Unwanted Pre-Installed Apps For Safe Internet Browsing

How To Remove Unwanted Pre-Installed Apps For Safe Internet Browsing

One of the most flexible mobile operating systems in the world right now is the Android OS. There are many advantages to purchasing an Android phone. However, this platform has one disadvantage. There are far too many useless apps, which are pre-installed and take up space, ultimately affecting the speed and quality of the phone. These pre-installed apps are called bloatware and are usually found in almost all Android phones. After purchasing your Android, always check what kind of apps are running in the background. While you can safely remove bloatware, which runs at the back and only consumes phone space with battery life, these can indefinitely slow down your phone.

However, before downloading further any app on your Android smartphone, always ensure that your internet connection is reliable and has a high-speed, as most phones now require consistent internet connectivity and are not able to function if the internet is not working properly. We suggest that you simply upgrade your current service provider to a new ISP, which is hassle-free and affordable.

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Why Are Pre-Installed Apps Present On Your Phone

All Android smartphones usually come with countless pre-installed apps, which are present in your phone because the manufacturer wants the buyer to use them. While some apps may be considered essential, there are so many that are never used by the average user. So in that case, what should one do? Since such unwanted apps cannot be removed via the traditional uninstallation process, there are alternative methods of dealing with such apps.

Start With Disabling Pre-Installed Apps On Your Android Phone

While there are several ways to remove pre-installed bloatware, always start with disabling such apps first. Once the app is disabled, it will no longer run in the background nor would it show as an active app in the App drawer. Simply go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps. Select the app that you want to disable and tap on it. Since the method can vary from phone to phone, if your phone reads “Uninstall Updates”, we suggest that you follow the method below.

Then Remove The Selected Pre-Installed Apps For Making Space In Your Phone

If you don’t see the Disable button, or see an option that reads, “Uninstall updates”, it means that you cannot disable the app. You can remove it by following the method below. Another way to remove bloatware from your Android phone completely is by rooting your phone. To do this, you will require “superuser” permissions to perform this function properly on your phone. As most people are not aware of this method, it is best to let an expert handle your phone.

One important thing that you should always do is have a backup of your device. Irrespective of what method you choose to remove unwanted bloatware and related useless apps, neve move forward without the solid backup of your data. While there are several backup methods, always select one that you have been using, so it’s easier for you to navigate through that app, instead of stumbling around with a new one. To remove unwanted system apps from your phone, simply install an Android app from the Play Store, that will bring up a list of apps, which normally run in the background. Select an app, launch it, and set permissions, after which it will be much easier to remove bloatware of your choice.

The Bottom Line…

There may be a gazillion brilliant apps that you need to download and keep in your phone but they will only end up cramming more space than you initially thought they would! That’s why we suggest that you remove all such apps that have previously not been used and disable all those that you no longer use on your phone.To optimize the speed and performance of your smartphone, regularly run apps that can clear your phone from all kinds of junk whether it’s your favorite mindfulness app or just another bloatware running in the background.

While the main aim behind deleting unwanted system apps is to speed up your system, your internet connectivity is also said to be affected if you cram up more and more apps on your phone! That is why it’s important that not smooth. In that case, why not visit buytvinternetphone and go through the myriad of ISPs that are the best of the best! Select one which offers exceptional service at highly affordable rates. Hurry now!

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