Things to do before taking your iPhone for repair

Things to do before taking your iPhone for repair

The iPhone product is a device that is not perfect. You may have a problem with the hardware that requires professional intervention to repair it. On many occasions there can be some confusion with the preparations to be made before going to technical service.

Detect the problem on your iPhone

Before you take the mobile device to a technician, you must first find out what is happening to it. In many situations, you can fix it yourself without having to go several days without your mobile device. That is why you need to identify the specific problem. For example, it can be the screen, the speakers, the charging system… Once what is happening has been detected, you can try to solve it thanks to the advice of Apple support or simply with a restore of the device. operating system.

In the event that none of this works, it is just as important that you are fully aware of what is happening to it. When making an appointment with the technical service and when visiting the specific store, you should explain in detail what happened. The questions you need to know how to answer are how long the problem lasted, whether you restored the operating system, and even if there was some kind of hard blow. This way, the technicians’ task will be much easier so that your visit to the technical service does not take too long.

Make an appointment with the Apple technician

Once you have found the problem, you can now enlist the help of specialist company personnel. It’s best to go to an Apple Store, but if you don’t have one available in your city, you can always go to an authorized store. There you will find staff also qualified by Apple and with official components and tools. This is vital, as going to an unauthorized store can lead to the loss of the warranty.

To be able to consult the stores that can perform the repair with the maximum guarantees, you just have to make the request via the Apple site. If you don’t want to make the request through Apple’s website, you can always contact by phone. Here you can explore all the possible solutions and make an appointment with the store closest to you, because obviously you cannot go there without notice in order to avoid chaos. Once the appointment has been made, you will receive a message with all the necessary information to take into account to get to the technical service.

Contact Apple

So that everyone can be clear, there are many ways to contact the company to request the repair. The main ones are as follows:

Go to the Apple Support website . Here you can find all possible solutions, such as going to technical service to request an examination and, if necessary, repair.

In the event that immediate intervention is required, you can go directly to an Apple Store or SAT.

Using the Support app on iOS. With operation very similar to the web but much more intuitive, being able to collect data from the device you are using.

Apple Support
Developer: Apple

Back up your data

Before receiving help from technical service, you should keep in mind that they may format your equipment. Many times in order to perform a proper repair it is necessary to perform a complete erase of all data, although the truth is that in other situations it is not. But in general, you should always take into account that it can happen, so you should take iPhone backup.

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