How to increase your visibility on social networks?

How to increase your visibility on social networks?

While doing research on the Internet, you must have realized that more and more results displayed come from social networks.

It goes without saying that a good optimization of the profiles of your company on social media will considerably improve your natural referencing.

What is the best way to optimize your social profiles on these media?

Last December, Matt Cutts (Head of web spam at Google) confirmed that the search engine is starting to take a strong interest in social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or even Pinterest , as one of the predominant means for the ranking of its answers .

Specifically, Google and Bing use social media links and popularity as ranking attributes for search results.

This means that whatever you post or tweet – be it images, videos, links or posts – affects your search engine ranking optimization (SEO).

Let’s quickly analyze the 4 most important social networks used in France and in the overseas departments for companies: Facebook (Fan pages) / Tweeter / LinkedIn and Viadéo / Pinterest (in progress)


Let’s take a look at optimizing your Facebook page for search engines:

  • • Note: The Facebook search engine is not satisfied, during a person search, to select only individuals , it takes into account all pages, including those of companies and groups .

Then consider the following when optimizing your Fan Page:

• Make sure that the “info” tab of your page contains the keywords optimized for your target market .

• Links to other sites, articles, groups, etc. on Facebook are also taken into account . When posting external links, get in the habit of targeting your visitors by accompanying your links with simple word combinations, know what will lead them to your goals.

• When adding photos to your wall, be sure to include descriptive text on the photos.

• When writing updates to your wall, make sure they have targeted keywords.

• Add the link of your company’s websites in the “about us” section without hesitating to include links to your profiles on other social networks.

• Remember to post fairly regularly , as search results are often linked to items that are less than 30 days old .

Also note that there are many sites and Facebook directories where you can submit your Fan page for better consideration by the engines.

Optimizing your Fan page is particularly interesting for boosting the Google Page Rank of your profile and therefore indirectly of your blog or website.

The more people there are who “like” you, the more inbound links you have that participate in your SEO.


Twitter has become the most popular micro-blogging platform, but also a platform with high potential for improving your SEO. If the tweets from your account are targeted and topical, they will help improve your online reputation.

On the contrary, “vague” Tweets or re-Tweet are not an SEO advantage, at worst just a waste of time and energy.

It all depends on the relevance of your Tweets, the keywords you use and the number of followers you have, as well as the number of followers of your followers!

Here are some tips to optimize your SEO from Tweeting:

Use an appropriate profile (brand name associated with your business, keywords, link on your websites, products, etc.)

Try to follow the profiles that will produce content with the same themes as yours , they will be more likely to be re-Tweeted.
A relevant article , with good keywords used wisely, will more easily take the Internet user to your site or blog. Likewise, a greater probability of being picked up by others and therefore of being interpreted well to gain popularity with search engines.

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