How to host a website?

How to host a website?

To make a website work , you need several elements: web hosting and a domain name in particular.

In this article, we will tell you how to host a website ?

What is the role of web hosting?

Web hosting is a server where different site managers store their websites.

How does web hosting work?

In web hosting, site managers store digital files (HTML, documents, images, videos, etc.) on a web server.

The web host is the company that makes its servers available to store websites and also provides connectivity so that visitors to the site can consult the files deposited on the server.

The web hosting providers offer also other services that often include in their web hosting package :

The registration of the domain name WHOIS

The website creation

The accommodation emails to send and receive emails using its domain name

Technical support

On what criteria should you choose to host a website with a service provider?

Several factors can be taken into account in choosing a web host . These criteria include server performance , price , features, customer support, and server location and cpanel server management.

The different types of web hosts to know how to host a website

There are several types of hosting , they act as a storage center for websites but differ in storage capacity , control, technique and server speed . Moreover, they are also chosen according to their reliability.

Shared hosting

On shared hosting , the website is on the same server as other sites. The pool is shared (RAM, processor,…).

It is generally the standard sites which are hosted on this type of server.

VPS hosting

Self-employed entities are centered on the yield that they can give their bosses so they can work at their own speed. They need to present the yield at the latest a particular date settled upon by the two players.  Monitoring employees working from home positions are finished by self-employed entities, however not every one of them partakes in an adaptable timetable. Occupations, for example, call focus specialists and phone salespeople request an interruption-free work environment and a proper timetable, regardless of whether low maintenance or full-time.

Dedicated hosting

Recommend for “big sites”, dedicated hosting offers full control over the web server. The server is owned by a single client.

Cloud hosting

The accommodation in the cloud ( cloud ) can manage the traffic on each site. Several servers operate in parallel to host several websites and adapt resources according to traffic.

The role of the domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a string of characters that allows the website to have its own identity. is a domain name for example.

To have a domain name, it must be registered with a domain registrar . Pexys allows you to register your Whois domain name .

Understand the difference between a domain name and web hosting

Even though web hosting providers incorporate domain name registration, web hosting and domain name are different.

A domain name is the url that allows you to access your site’s storage (web hosting).

Pexys offers computer hosting and shows you how to host a website.

Pexys has its own servers, configured and managed internally to provide secure computer hosting for websites .

The Pexys company operates several data centers in France and Switzerland to improve the referencing of websites .

The Pexys computer hosting offerings do not limit the traffic (some computer hosting block access to the site during traffic spikes) and offer backups daily and a Support Free.

In addition, with Pexys, you can simultaneously host your emails directly from the same interface with several features including the automatic responder. You can also discover Pexys professional messaging solutions .

Of course, Pexys ‘ IT hosting integrates MySQL , PHP My Admin and Microsoft SQL Server databases .

Pexys offers the domain name free of charge if you change web host.

You can discover the 4 computer hosting packages offered by Pexys, which include 5 to 10 GB of disk space , up to 100 private FTP accesses , 1 to 10 domains and sub-domains as well as 100 e-mail accounts

How to host a website?

Once you have read the above elements, Pexys will send you login credentials to your server. These identifiers will be necessary if you want to create your site yourself. If you are looking for a website creation service provider , we offer website creation with Pexys Studio .

Then, the database is created to store all the files to display the website.