What You Should Know About Karaoke Mixers

What You Should Know About Karaoke Mixers

It’s easy to become lost in the world of karaoke settings. There’s a labyrinth of various equipment, hundreds of brands, and a plethora of options. You’ve probably heard of a mixer whether you’re seeking to set up a karaoke system at home or professionally. But, exactly, what is a mixer? What place does it have in a karaoke set-up? Is a mixer really necessary?

Don’t be alarmed! We’ll define a mixer, help you determine if you need one, and show you how to connect a mixer to the rest of your karaoke setup. We’ll also provide you some considerations to help you narrow down your choices and select the best mixer.

Let’s get this party started!

The audio from the background track instrumental and the vocals produced by the microphone are combined in a karaoke mixer. Mixers are linked to the speaker in the karaoke setup and enable you to change the volume, bass, tone, and other characteristics of the sound.

What is the difference between a Karaoke Mixer and a Karaoke Machine?

So you’ve looked into what you’ll need for karaoke and found the usual suspects like microphones and speakers, but you’ve never heard of a mixer.

To begin, a mixer can also be referred to as an amplifier, so don’t be confused if you hear it named that.

A mixer’s primary job is to blend sounds from numerous distinct sources. This is critical for karaoke since there will be at least two sources of audio: the instrumental backing track and the vocalists utilising the microphone. You’ll need to enhance both of these various sources of sound for the karaoke experience to operate correctly.

Karaoke mixers are comparable to professional DJ systems in that they can not only combine but also modify the dynamics of audio sources. This means that a mixer can have numerous capabilities for adjusting the volume, bass, tone, and other sound characteristics. This improves your karaoke experience while also assisting the performer in sounding better.

What Role Does a Mixer Play in Your Setup?

So, after connecting the mixer to the instrumental audio source and the microphone, you’ll need to connect it to a speaker so you can hear both at the same time. This is why most karaoke mixers have two inputs and outputs (one for instrumentals and the other for microphones) (for connection to a speaker).

If your karaoke arrangement necessitates the use of an additional screen, things might get a bit more difficult. If your music instrumental source does not have a screen, such as if you’re using a CD, this will be the situation. However, if you’re using a tablet, laptop, smart TV, or other device with both a screen and an audio source to set up karaoke,

Mixers can be wired or wirelessly connected to different outputs and inputs. Later on, we’ll talk about how to connect your mixer to the rest of your gear.

Is a Karaoke Mixer Required?

So now that you know what a mixer is and what it does in a karaoke setup, let’s see if you actually need one.

The purpose of your karaoke setup will determine whether or not you require a mixer. Would you want a DIY karaoke setup where you may choose and select each piece of equipment to meet your specific needs? Or would you like a simple, all-in-one system?

There are two primary methods for setting up karaoke.

Making Use of a Karaoke Machine

Setup on your own

Only the DIY arrangement usually necessitates the use of a mixer. This is because if you buy a karaoke machine instead of a mixer, the karaoke machine will act as your mixer.

The simplest approach is to buy a karaoke machine, but this limits your customization and ability to combine other pieces of equipment to build the ideal arrangement. However, keep in mind that if you choose the mixer option, you’ll also need a separate speaker, microphone, audio source, and screen.

For additional information, see our guide to everything you’ll need for karaoke and scroll down to the DIY set up section.

What Is the Best Way to Connect a Karaoke Mixer?

So, if you’re still here and have decided to add a karaoke mixer to your setup, how do you go about connecting everything? If you’re utilising an instrumental music source with a screen, your mixer will typically need to connect to three things. For example, whether you’re using YouTube or a karaoke app on a tablet, smart TV, or laptop.



Audio that is purely instrumental

Your mixer will determine whether these connections are wired or wireless. If they’re wireless, they’ll generally connect via Bluetooth or WiFi, both of which are simple to set up.

If you’re utilising a wired arrangement, be sure your gear comes with suitable cables so you can connect everything.

What Kinds of Connections Do You Need?

As a result, the first step is to connect your microphone to the mixer. XLR cables are used with most wired microphones, and most contemporary mixers include 1/4′′ TS and XLR channel inputs. If your microphones are wireless, connect them to your computer through WiFi or Bluetooth as directed. Your speaker must now be connected to the mixer. This is generally done wirelessly or using XLR cords.

The mixer must then be connected to your audio and video equipment. This can be accomplished through the use of a bluetooth or other wireless connection. If it’s wired, it’ll almost certainly be an RCA or USB connection.

After that, you’ll need to connect your audio/video device to the TV screen either with an HDMI cable or wirelessly if you have a smart TV.

What to Look for in a Karaoke Mixer

Trying to locate the ideal mixer may be a bit of a challenge. It’s easy to wind up with a mixer that isn’t appropriate for you because there are so many different brands and models with varied functions. That’s why we’ve highlighted the most important factors to consider when purchasing a karaoke mixer.


When buying a mixer, compatibility is by far the most crucial factor to consider. Because your mixer is connected to your speaker, microphone, and music audio, you must ensure that it will function with all of them, whether the connection is wired or wireless. You’ll also need to figure out how many microphones you’ll need and whether or not your mixer can handle it.

Audio Effects

Your mixer should, at the absolute least, be able to adjust the level of the various audio inputs. Additional advanced karaoke mixers will offer more audio dynamic elements, such as tone and bass, that you can adjust. Consider your budget as well as the features you require for your karaoke system.

The Bundle

It will make your life much easier if your mixer comes with connecting cords included. To make the most cost-effective selection, make sure to include in the mixer’s price as well as any additional costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Of course, the higher the price, the greater the audio quality. However, other elements such as the quality of your microphone and speakers will have an impact on the overall sound generated.


Mixers aren’t the most affordable piece of equipment. So, in addition to carefully considering which mixer is best for you, see if it comes with a guarantee. You’ll have peace of mind if something goes wrong with your mixer this way.


Weight isn’t a significant consideration to consider if you’re only planning to store your mixer in one spot. However, consider the weight of your mixer if you intend on travelling with it or moving it between rooms regularly at home. Investing in a portable karaoke mixer may make your life a lot simpler!

So there you have it! That’s everything there is to know about karaoke mixers so you can decide if you need one and how to get the best one.

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