Digital HR Transformation: 5 Benefits & 4 Implementation Strategies

Digital HR Transformation: 5 Benefits & 4 Implementation Strategies

The rate and extent of digital HR transformation in companies are both speeding up and widening with leadership, culture, and the employee’s way of working. A company is never fully “digitally transformed” as HR is continually changing and developing itself. It is hard to monitor every pattern that arises with time. The digital transformation is to support the way employees live and work presently, tomorrow, next year, and decades from now. The main focus of the company should be to support your employees where they want to be, how they want to work today, and how they want to be hired.

Benefits of Digital HR Transformation

1. Increased productivity

Productivity will get boosted by leveraging the application of digital technology in automating manual work. Performing repetitive tasks manually wastes a lot of time for your sincere and creative employee. That is why digital transformation is much needed so that the time and efficiency of a good employee can’t be wasted and provide ways to increase their productivity. With this, employees have ample time to focus on more important tasks and complete them in a faster way.

2. Increased agility

Greater agility comes with an increase in productivity and automation. With the help of a digital strategy, only companies can become agile within their operational areas. It will need technologies like AI, ML, Big data, and many more to do the heavy lifting throughout the processes to ensure that the entire team of the organisation can become agile. The usage of good digital technologies in the transformation will speed up deliverables, reporting, decision-making, and information.

3. Save time and money

Time and money are the most expensive things in the world. Saving time to generate more money is the demand of every organisation. Digital transformation is the best way to cut down manual work and decrease pressure on employees and HR by automating work tasks. It helps to prepare your financial report in a moment or two. Also, producing quarterly reports and managing convey forward exercises have also become easy to handle.

4. Improved competitiveness

In the ongoing evolution of the business environment, companies have a higher chance of surviving and competing in the digital age. It is about finding ways to make your organisation more efficient, relevant, and responsive to customers’ needs. It spreads a wave of motivation in your employees to perform better to keep themselves and the organisation ahead of the competition. Now, the digitalisation of the organisation has become the corporate standard.

5. Higher levels of profitability

A business demands profit, and that’s why this transformation takes place. A digital transformation can help with various things, including dealing with uncertainty, leveraging the right technologies, speed of change, and changing customer expectations. According to a recent report, 43% of companies get high digital maturity reports with higher net profit margins than the industry averages.

Implementation Strategies of Digital HR Transformation

1. Automate the entire process

The HR department faces numerous challenges and tasks daily. The best HRMS software helps to automate the entire process so that HR managers can focus more on the organisation’s productivity and profit. With automation, the time-consuming tasks get handled by the software, and HR will be able to concentrate on much-needed areas.

2. Making the exit process simpler

After the onboarding process of an employee, the resignation or exit process is the most time taking process for HR. If done manually, the paperwork is never-ending, but with the help of uKnowva HRMS software in India, this process becomes easier. As all the details and salary slips are already saved in the payroll management. So, the exit can be processed in a few hours only.

3. Attendance and leaves management

This area utilises time for both employees and HR professionals. But with smart HRMS, this problem also gets solved. This has a separate section for attendance and leaves management that marks the employee’s daily attendance within their scheduled working hours. HR has made up the list of holidays for the entire year so employees don’t have to disturb them repeatedly for the same. The number of leaves is also assigned to every employee for every month to avoid confusion.

4. Use of social intranet

A smart HRMS provides the best social intranet for employees. Through this, the workforce gets connected on a unified platform where they can communicate with one another and with their managers. It helps them to remain updated and reduces the chance of getting any information missed.


Make your digital HR transformation simpler with an innovative HRMS. It helps to implement all the strategies of your desire for complete HR transformation. Make all your processes automated and provide a 360-degree view of your organisation using reliable HR management software in India today.

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