5 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have

5 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have

Are you considering redesigning your website or perhaps wondering how to generate more leads from your website? If so, your homepage is the ideal place to start.

Since it is your enterprise’s virtual front door, the homepage is basically in chargeofcapturing most of your website’s traffic. Yet in spite of its importance, most businesses cannot optimize their homepage properly.

If you want to increase your homepage’s performance, have a look at these 5 critical elements that every homepage must have.

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1. Headline

A website should tell a visitor what the business offers within three seconds of opening it. This is where a headline comes in. A headline may be only a few words, yet it is one of the most crucial pieces of copy on your website.

Many people visit your website, and you might be worried about how to find a few words that everyone can relate to. Instead, write a headline targeting a third of the people who are more likely to be impressed with your product.

Keep the headline clear and simple.

2. Intuitive Navigation

There are different elements that visitors look for when they click on your web link. Some will be looking for the ‘About’ page, some for your contact form, and others for your blog.

Have a list of pages that your audience could be interested in and design a good navigation menu displaying those items. You can also go the extra mile by grouping menu items into dropdown menus to have things more organized.

3. Contact Information

While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of business websites that don’t have current contact information or contact forms. And while those sites do have contact information, you end up searching all over before finding the contact information.

Don’t let your website be part of these ranks! Make sure your site has clear, easy-to-find contact information on every page so that customers can get in touch with you quickly and conveniently. You can even add a contact address.

4. Call-to-Action

The sole purpose of the homepage is to convince visitors to get more information on your website and take them down the funnel. You should have two or three call-to-action to direct visitors to different phases of the buying cycle and place them in areas that are easy to find.

Make the CTAs visually outstanding, preferably in a color that contrasts with your homepage scheme color but still fits within the overall design of the website.

Keep the CTA copy brief and action-oriented, such that it coerces visitors to click on what you are offering.

5. Overview Of Services and Features

Detailing all your product or service information on the homepage is not advisable. But it’s crucial to have a brief summary to convince the audience that you’ve got what they are looking for.

With some product or service information on the home page, you’re able to link visitors to what they are looking for. It also helps rank your website higher for services available in search engines.