6 Brand Awareness Strategies | How to Increase Brand Awareness

6 Brand Awareness Strategies | How to Increase Brand Awareness

6 Effective Brand Awareness Strategies: Giving a Boost to Your Brand Visibility

Had Steve Jobs flocked like other mobile makers in the market— Apple would have run out of white earphones to flaunt?

But Jobs had other plans.

He wanted everyone to recognize Apple devices from the plugs’ color.

You see— how only a subtle branding idea can change the way you perceive a business?

Good branding companies often come up with such ideas to

  1. keep your brand on the top of the mind of the customers (and potential customers too)
  2. manufacture your brand equity
  3. promote word of mouth marketing
  4. enhance your sales
  5. build customer loyalty

You’re basically making your brand recognizable enough to

  1. make your products famous
  2. add a taste of familiarity to the target audience
  3. help your audience distinguish your unique character and qualities

And it’s all the more critical because you only have 7 seconds to please your audience to make the first impression. (1)

S-E-V-E-N seconds, that’s it!

So you need to apply effective awareness strategies to stand by your brand, given the time frame is not too big.

Want to take a look at those effective tactics to build your brand?

 10 Brand Awareness Strategies

Let’s get our eyeballs rolling through it.

Brand Awareness Strategy #1: Maintain a consistent brand voice

If you consistently present your brand across all the channels— chances are high your revenues will increase by 23%. (2)

People don’t appreciate changes too much.

You can’t redesign your logo every four months and expect them to respond in a wow-wow manner.

So rebranding is okay only if your target audience has a negative perception of you.

How to manage consistent brand voice

  1. Begin with defining your brand voice
  2. Keep reinforcing your brand values consistently
  3. Write down brand image and voice so that you don’t deviate
    1. Use similar word types
    2. Manage sentence structure
    3. Avoid jargons
    4. Consistent visual elements
  4. Evaluate your audience engagement and work on them
  5. Ask yourself the branding questions like customers
  6. Don’t trick your user into baity-communication

Brand Awareness Strategy #2: Drill down all the social media platforms

Instead of creating your personalized list of the audience, how about reaching millions of ready potential customers?

Social media is like heaven’s door— you’ll have ready audiences for all the categories.

It’s good to brand yourself on social media, especially the big giants.

Start with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But you’d like to cover as many platforms to reach a wider audience group.

How to spread brand awareness with Social media

  1. Go first where your audience is
  2. Post engaging and unique content
  3. Encourage sharing actions among them
  4. Use influencers wisely
  5. Partner or engage with other brands
  6. Get on the latest trend boats
  7. Break trending news to your visitors
  8. Use social media ads to reach more audience group

 Brand Awareness Strategy #3: Offer a satisfying customer experience

Customer experience— it’s a world in its entirety.

You can’t even imagine what one bad customer experience can bring to your brand.

Bad customer experience will:

  1. affect your brand reputation
  2. decrease customer’s lifetime value with you
  3. put your profits in a downward spiral
  4. affect word of mouth marketing

How to create the seamless customer experience

  1. Start with creating a customer experience vision.
  2. Know who your customers are. You can’t give them experience without drawing their personas
  3. Be inclusive of targeting maximum people
  4. Build an emotional link with your target audience
  5. Capture their feedback and improvise
  6. Think like customers
  7. Make yourself presentable humanely

 Brand Awareness Strategy #4: Focus on the right channels

Branding on maximum channels reaps the highest benefit.

But it’s also crucial you focus on the right channels if you’re budget-constrained.

People love to register their queries on Twitter rather than Facebook or Instagram.

But that doesn’t ensure your audience is on Twitter.

The crux of the matter is— you’ve to be highly active on the platforms that get you the best audience segment.

Ask yourself these questions before selecting the right channel

  1. Does the social channel suit my intended audience?
  2. Is it affordable?
  3. Does it comply with my company’s marketing budget?
  4. How does my target customer receive the channel?
  5. Does it let me post the visuals or messages I want for my audience?
  6. Can I monitor the channel’s success data?

 How do you pick the right branding channel?

  1. Review the existing performance of the channels you’re going to use
  2. Rating out all the channels that may be ideal market and customer fit for you and filtering the best option out of that

 Brand Awareness Strategy #5: Free!! Free!! Free!! Freebies never sink off in the market.

If you think freebies may devalue your brand position in the market— you’re not alone.

Many brands shy away from handing out free stuff!

But things are pretty contrary here.

People love freebies.

Nothing engages and invokes actions faster than free stuff.

And you earn a brownie point if it comes from their favorite brands.

Ways to use freebies in your marketing campaign

  1. Give away free products through event marketing
  2. Offer thanks with a special gift
  3. Reward loyalty with gifts and loyalty codes
  4. Gift without cause or event. It’s best to tell your customers you think about them
  5. Incentivize reviews and feedback to valuable customers
  6. Send the mini replica of your products or services

Brand Awareness Strategy #6: Improve your customer referral program

No one is a better marketer for your brand than your customers.

92% of potential customers believe in their families and friends’ suggested programs. (3)

So it’s obvious you’d like to incentivize those customers who refer you.

It’s also one of the cheapest and highly converting marketing strategies.

Top branding agencies apply mind-boggling referral program ideas.

 How to improve your customer referral program

  1. Ask for referrals only when it’s suitable
  2. Ensure you offer the right referral incentive
  3. Make sure the referring process is simple and seamless
  4. Convert referred customers into referrers
  5. Ask old referrers to refer new customers once again
  6. Mix with users on social media
  7. Train your employees for the referral program
  8. Focus on automated referral events
  1.  Let’s summarize

  1. Your brand voice and image need to be consistent throughout. You can’t be an Apple today and orange tomorrow!
  2. Leverage the power of social media. You want to connect with the already established audience.
  3. Your customers will never forget what and how you made them feel. Their experience with you matters for long-term relationships.
  4. Focus on channels that are most relevant to your niche and where your audience lies.
  5. Pass on the freebies. We all love it! Even when we “claim not to love it.”
  6. Find out ways to capitalize on customer referral programs.