Everything you need to know about repairing Apple products

Everything you need to know about repairing Apple products

Additionally, the company has consistently stated that only authorized service providers should open a Mac and perform repairs and upgrades. Changing a broken iPhone screen at home or replacing a MacBook battery is not considered safe for consumers. In fact, only companies with an Apple Certified Technician are supposed to perform repairs on Apple products.

The problem is, according to the Right to Repair website, over 53 million tonnes of e-waste is produced each year, of which only a fraction is recycled.

Added to this, the fact that Apple stops supporting software updates for various products after a certain number of years, and the availability of parts for servicing becomes more scarce as the product ages, means that the lifespan of Apple products is not as long as it could be. For more information read: How Long Do Macs Last?

Apple is by no means the only electronics company guilty of making it difficult to repair products that end up being thrown away early, but they can certainly do their part in improving the repairability of their products and making repairs. easier and cheaper.

Whether you’re an environmentally conscious person looking for a new product that will be a few years before it becomes landfill, or someone who doesn’t want to be landed with an expensive or hard-to-repair device, we have details on how repairable Apple products are. And if you’re looking to get an Apple product repaired, we’ve got some tips for you, too.

Can I repair my Apple product?

People try home repairs and upgrades, but they risk damaging their machines – and will void their warranties.

If you want to attempt a repair or upgrade at home, you need to arm yourself with a range of specialist tools, including heating pads to loosen the adhesive that holds the screen in place. You will also need to get the correct spare parts.

Apple sends Genuine Apple Parts to Authorized Service Providers, and as of August 2019 for iPhone and August 2020 for Mac, independent repair companies can also have access to Genuine Parts. In the past, iPhones have displayed error messages if non-Apple parts are used, so this is not an issue you can ignore.

Despite that, we have a guide to upgrading components inside a Mac , and one of our colleagues on TechAdvisor once had an iPhone screen replaced , but those aren’t things we would recommend. unless you are really confident in DIY electronics.

For the average person, we recommend that you make an appointment at an Apple Store or find an Apple Authorized Service Provider to perform the repair for you. Then we’ll discuss who will do it.

How do I get my Apple products repaired?

The next question is where to go to have Apple products repaired. The obvious answer is Apple, but it’s not your only choice. We’ll go through your options below:

Apple offers you three different ways to have a product repaired, you can:

Visit an Apple Store .

Send your product to Apple .

Use an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Click on the links above to access these instructions.

The latter option may be the best if you don’t have an Apple Store nearby and don’t want to go without your Mac, iPhone, or other Apple product during the repair.