Get Effective Solutions with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Get Effective Solutions with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Every site owner wishes to reach out to everyone online with their services and products. They prefer websites that are user-friendly for them. In order to attain this objective, the web content of the site needs to be accessible even to people with disabilities. Moreover, web accessibility is a civil right for everyone, and businesses have to adhere to legislation like Section 508 of The Rehabilitation Act, 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Get optimal web accessibility with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

From the above, it is evident that sites should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their abilities as individuals. However, the obvious question is how can one attain this ultimate objective?

Accessibility plugins aid you

When it comes to WordPress sites, accessibility is of paramount importance. However, some business owners customized their sites with different themes, plugins, etc., and this often resulted in accessibility issues that had to be fixed.

Manual processes where web developers had to be hired to resolve the issue were expensive and time-consuming. This is where accessibility tools came to the rescue. They were affordable and effective.

The accessibe wordpress plugin is a popular tool in the market today. It is trusted by many small and large business owners of WordPress sites.

The history of accessibility overlays

Way back in the 1990’s companies specializing in technology created web products like accessibility overlays to add web accessibility features to present sites without changing the source code. Some of them included tasks like text-to-speech that read the web content of a page out loud. Again, other controls allowed users to change the size of the text or make adjustments to the color schemes.

Is your site accessible?

You may be wondering whether your site is accessible or not. If you are the owner of a WordPress site, you have good news. The site already is accessible, but there are specific factors that determine the levels of accessibility, and they are-

  • How has your site been developed and then customized?
  • Whether you are using a theme that is inaccessible or not?
  • Whether you have downloaded a plugin that is inaccessible or not?

Note that all of the factors above hinder the levels of accessibility for your site.

Get the right accessibility plugin for your site

When it comes to the installation of WordPress accessibility plugins, the process is very simple. You need to go to the WordPress site and select the Accessibe WordPress tool for your site. The installation process takes just two minutes. Once installed, you do not have to worry about accessibility issues again.

Therefore, if you are the WordPress site owner and wish to reach out to a wider targeted audience, downloading the accessibe wordpress plugin is a wise and prudent choice. This tool will scan your site daily every 24 hours to ensure it is fully compliant. Even if you upload new content, themes, or plugins, these scans will be done, and all accessibility adjustments will be made within 48 hours.