A well-designed business website is essential in the modern age as it significantly impacts your marketing efforts and ensures your business is futuristic. But just because you have a business website doesn’t mean it gives you the much-needed advantage.

If you are a web user, you know very well that it takes a few seconds for a website to turn you off when you click that button. Whether it is an unresponsive web page, slow speed, or cluttered web design, many elements can turn prospective users away from your website.

How often should you redesign your website?B

That is why you should regularly update your business website to ensure it is still appealing to prospective users. Although there is no precise timeline as to when you should update your website, experts for web design in Mornington Peninsula advise doing that every 1-3years. Technology changes daily, so website redesign allows you to integrate the latest web design trends into your website.

Besides, search engines like google are constantly changing their algorithms, and you do not wish to stay behind due to outdated features and technology. For instance, it is wise to redesign your website every time you rebrand, introduce new offerings, or realize that your website bounce rate is unusually high. But if you are unsure whether or not to update your website, here are some questions you can evaluate.

Is my business website mobile responsive?

Today, more users browse the internet using their smartphones, thanks to their convenience. Consequently, you have to ensure that your business website is mobile responsive. Otherwise, you may be losing more potential sales than you can imagine. You should ensure that your website looks the same and is usable on different browsers and mobile devices.

Is it user-friendly?

Poor user experience is a reason enough to redesign your website. Your website visitors should be able to navigate quickly and effortlessly on every device. A good web design ensures that your content is well organized and presented in relevant categories to make navigating easier for your visitors.

Additionally, your business website should load faster. If it takes more than 5seconds for your website to load, visitors will click the back button and go elsewhere. If your website has a bad user experience, consider updating it to meet users’ expectations.

Does it represent my brand well?

This evaluation can help you determine whether or not to update your website. Today, when prospective consumers are interested in a product or service, they search online to see their options before making a purchase. A professional and well-designed website can make a positive impression on buyers and boost your potential sales. Therefore updating your website to ensure it represents your brand in a way that reflects your hard work and makes a positive impression is advisable.

The bottom line

Generally, it is crucial to constantly redesign and update your business website to ensure it is impressive, mobile responsive, user friendly, fast, and generates leads. A website update also boosts your SEO, improving your overall online presence.

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