MilesWeb Shared Hosting Review – Beginners Guide

MilesWeb Shared Hosting Review – Beginners Guide

Are you starting a new business/blog?

Well, here’s the blog to know everything about going online.

Every beginner needs to know a few things before they can get started. If you want to get your website online, you need a hosting service, a domain name, and the right web host.

Web hosting services are services that help you publish your website on the internet. Without a hosting service, your business has no presence. Plus, a good web host makes it all possible for you.

If you buy a hosting service that is not quality, it is not worth an investment. Along with the hosting services, you need the best web hosting provider as well. Many companies provide such services, but only a few offer quality assistance.

Other than web hosting services, you need a domain to get started. A domain name is the address of your website through which visitors will reach you.

Several hosting providers offer a domain name with their services. Some providers also provide it for free with web hosting plans.

MilesWeb is one such company that offers every hosting solution. You can get hosting services, domain, and SSL certificates as well. They are at the top of the list of the best web hosting companies.

Types of Hosting Services

There are varied types of hosting services.

  1. Shared hosting – budget-friendly
  2. VPS hosting – a mini dedicated server
  3. Dedicated server – an advanced and ultimate web hosting solution
  4. Cloud server – for high-end websites
  5. Reseller hosting – for reselling hosting at retail.

Which hosting is Best for Beginners?

Linux Shared hosting is the right deal for beginners. It meets the initial budget. If you are a small-medium enterprise/blog, shared hosting can help you in many areas online.

A shared hosting server holds your website content on a web server and shares it with visitors’ browsers. You will share the server with a lot many users who have websites like yours.

In shared hosting, all users share server resources. As a beginner website, these resources are sufficient and efficient for your site. You don’t need to pay a lot as shared hosting is cheap.

One of the reasons why shared hosting is perfect for beginners is that it is cheap. The budget-friendly web hosting service helps beginners get online and reach potential audiences and customers.

MilesWeb web hosting services are apt. You can get a shared server for as low as Rs.60/m. That is the lowest price in the industry with quality.

The company is counted among the leading hosting providers around the world and has served 30,000 plus customers.

MilesWeb has three shared hosting plans. The three plans consist of all features but differ in the number of resources provided.

These three plans are as follows:

Solo – it costs Rs.60/m. The price applies after an 70% discount when you purchase hosting services for 3years.

You get all the required features. A solo plan is a good deal if you don’t have many requirements and manage a small business.

Prime – It costs Rs.195/m after an 70% discount if you buy it for a 3years term. This is great for medium-sized businesses. You get unlimited SSD disk space and email accounts.

Multi – It costs around Rs.255/m with the same discount applicable on the purchase of 3 years. You can host unlimited small websites with a Multi plan.

If you are a developer or an agency, you can host your clients’ websites as well.

In shared hosting, you do not need technical skills. The company will take care of the management. Besides, shared hosting is easy to handle so, no worries about that.

MilesWeb also helps you in easy migration. If your website is hosted somewhere else, they can help you in migrating files to MilesWeb. You have to contact the support team through email or chat, and they will assist you.

You can get the following features with MilesWeb Shared Hosting

Free domain – You receive a free domain with all shared hosting plans.

A domain is essential for brand identity and online presence. MilesWeb offers it at no additional cost. All you have to do is purchase shared hosting for one year or more and get a free domain for the first year.

From the second year, you will have to pay regular charges to continue the registration.

Free SSL certificate – You will also get a free SSL certificate with MilesWeb shared hosting plans. It helps secure the website and puts a safe layer on it.

Unlimited Bandwidth – MilesWeb doesn’t restrict the usage of bandwidth. You can have unlimited bandwidth unlimited hosting Malaysia plans.

30Days Money Guarantee – If MilesWeb doesn’t match your requirements, you can seek a refund within the first 1 month after purchase. I assure you of the greatest service, but if it occurs, you can request a return.

More features –¬†

  • 24/7 support for 365 days
  • Website builder tool
  • Cheapest prices
  • 99.95% uptime

Conclusion –

For every new business/website, hosting services are essential. Shared hosting is perfect for beginners. You can get a low-cost shared hosting server at MilesWeb.

They offer comparatively better features than others. A free domain and SSL are something only some companies provide. Plus, they have helped thousands of small businesses/blogs grow big.