Save time and storage space through these PDF tools

Save time and storage space through these PDF tools

Most of the data stored and saved today are in soft-copy or virtual format and shielded under a click button of our devices. Starting from school assignments to the most confidential federal data is stored in various file formats but paper. It is a safer way to handle them than ever before. With a good malware security application installed, all types of trouble can be kept at bay and, at the same time, have all our valuable data in our pocket.

From the wide range of file formats available, PDF is the most preferred format for archiving and sending a file whenever needed. PDF files synchronize with every OS, device, and browser interface equally, making it a very flexible format too. PDF files come with many applications for editing, sharing, converting, and protecting data.

Compress PDF files and Merging PDF files are two very useful applications. Both of these have made it more convenient and opened up many more ways of possibilities with PDF files and our data integrity.

Brief about PDF Compressor:


If you still do not know how to compress a PDF file, you must be wasting a lot of your valuable time getting frustrated. ‘Compress PDF file is an application used to reduce the file size of a large PDF file and makes it primarily suitable for sending it via e-mail, Outlook, and any other data sharing sources.

The size limit allowed across all e-mail service providers is between 10-25 MB, and sending files bigger than 25 MB does not work out. In such circumstances, previously the sender has to document carefully and consider compiling the literature fragmented into multiple files. This often gets very confusing and gives more chances of losing out on some or the other file.

Instead, reducing the file size makes it possible to retain all the data in a single file. Plus, it gets faster for the sender to upload and the receiver to download the file too.

PDF compressor applications are available online to be installed on one’s device, and the other option is to compress PDF online. In both types, we have PDF compress free and paid versions. The user may choose any based on their personal requirement, although all of them are more or less the same with very minute differences in features and user interface.

The overall process of using a PDF compressor is super simple and convenient for anyone using PDF files.

Brief about Merging PDF files:

Merging PDF files is a wonderful way of consolidating all the related files and documents in one single file. Merge PDF files is an application very useful for de-cluttering multiple related icons and files and combining them in a chain of documents in the same file.

The beauty of the Combine PDF/ Merge PDF application is that we can combine a bulk of PDF files or a mix of some PDF files and files from other formats such as Word, Excel, JPG, and PPT and create a single PDF file. Furthermore, we have options for using bookmarks, headers, and highlighters, making it easier to navigate to a particular page when needed. This turns out very handy while giving a presentation or using the file over a team discussion. Combining PDFs indirectly reduces the size of the overall data compared to its original form of multiple files.

Similar to PDF compressor applications, Merge PDF applications are available to be installed on your device for free or paid. Likewise, we can access Merge PDF online also. There are paid and free Merge PDF applications online, and the choice depends on one’s requirements.

The process of combining PDF online or the installed application is very easy and self-explanatory.

Most people these days prefer using such applications online to avoid the time of installing and also to save space on their devices. However, using any online-based application may be risky for your document and device if you end up on fraud websites. It is wise to choose an application that has a good reputation and review.