The Right Smoke Detector for Your Kitchen

The Right Smoke Detector for Your Kitchen

In American households, a smoke detector is one of those devices that you would usually find preinstalled when you buy or rent a home. Why? Because home fires are common and smoke detectors can help prevent any disastrous level of damage to the property and keep your family safe. Upon inspection as well, authorities as well as the National Fire Protection Association would also recommend installing smoke detectors around your property.

Google Nest Protect: A Smart Smoke Detector

Before we go on to explain to you why Google Nest Protect is the ideal smoke detector to install in your home, you must first understand why a smart smoke detector like this one outstands its ordinary counterparts.

A regular smoke detector comes in two types.

  1. Ionization smoke detector/alarms that are responsive to fast burning and flaming fires.
  2. Photoelectric smoke detector/alarms which can pick up on smoldering fires.

Now, onto a smart smoke detector. If you want one of the best smoke detector near kitchen, then you should definitely install the Google Nest Protect! A smart smoke detector that does the work of both types of smoke detectors, by picking up on anything from a fast burning, to a smoldering fire – with the addition of being able to detect any gas leaks too, like that of carbon monoxide. All of that in one device! It eliminates the struggle of trying to find the right device for your home, or for a specific room, because the Nest Protect just like all smart smoke detectors covers all the bases.

But here’s something new though. What sets the Nest Protect aside from its ordinary counterparts is the fact that, given it is a smart device, it can be controlled remotely and wirelessly via the Google Home mobile app. This improves the device’s efficiency since it sends real time alerts to your mobile devices in the event of any potential hazard detected in your home, and it allows for you to switch off false alarms from the app too. However, not only does the Nest Protect send alerts to your mobile devices, but the device can also ‘speak up’- meaning quite literally speak and alert you to wherever it has detected any danger. This is particularly helpful in taking quick action to prevent any further damage, and keeps everyone within the home safe.

Where Should You Be Installing Smoke Detectors?

The kitchen is of course the one place where you have to have a smoke detector or alarm installed, no questions there! Home fires usually start in the kitchen and can accelerate quite fast. But according to the guidelines provided by the National Fire Protection Association, there are particular places within your home where you must install a smoke detector as well.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Of course a smoke detectorin a bedroom or a bathroom is as necessary as it is in a kitchen. Having one of these devices installed in rooms where you sleep in is absolutely important because a lot of the times people do not tend to smell fire while in their sleep. Accidents from scented candles or leaving your curling iron on or hairdryers short circuiting can also be some causes of fires starting in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Basements or/and Attics

A lot of homes in the suburbs have basements or attics that normally serve the purpose of providing as a storage space, so although you may not be using them on the daily or even for week’s straight, installing a smoke detector in these areas of a home is important and recommended by the NFPA.

Stairwell and Living Room

Installing a smoke detector in your stairwell (if you have an upper level in your home), and the living room is also recommended by the NFPA.

The Right Placements

When installing smoke detectors, they can’t just be installed anywhere you think they would fit. The NFPA states specific guidelines where smoke detectors should be installed in each room.

Take the kitchen for instance. While cooking it is natural your pan would let off steam or smoke and placing a smoke detector right above the stove would mean false alarms on the regular. But where you should really be installing a smoke detector in the kitchen, is approximately 10 feet away from cooking appliances.

On the other hand, in general when installing smoke detectors, place them on the ceiling of every room. If by chance your home has high ceilings, then install them about 12 inches from the ceiling itself. Remember, smoke always rises but if your ceilings are too high then chances are the device may pick up on the potential danger quite late. Do not ever install them near windows or doors, or wherever there is a draft – they tend to trigger false alarms.

We hope this article gave you a good insight into important information pertaining to smoke detectors that you probably never knew of. And you definitely should be installing the Google Nest Protect in your kitchens, or replace your old smoke detectors with a bunch of these around your home. Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and get yourself the Nest Protect today! It is available in both, wired and battery operated variants.