What White Label SEO is and Everything It Entails

What White Label SEO is and Everything It Entails

These days, SEO (search engine optimization) drives more traffic when compared to organic activities on different social media platforms. As a result, the interest in SEO solutions is growing fast, but small agencies and independent SEO professionals cannot serve every client who needs their services.

So what can you do to avoid losing important clients?

The right solution remains with white label SEO that encompasses reselling required resources from other providers.

Vendors can allow smaller agencies to use the tools they require under their brand’s name at a small fee. This solution makes it possible for every small business to retain customers by outsourcing some services to other agencies.

SEO Reseller vs. White Label SEO Reseller

Mainly, there are two kinds of solutions. These include SEO resellers and white label SEO. Reseller SEO encompasses buying SEO techniques or services as a package for clients. So technically, you will need to pay for a set of actions, which resellers carry out on your behalf, and receive them as a bundle.

But with a white label SEO reseller, you can work alongside other agencies offering more support and education considering SEO strategies. Their services typically involve an account manager who works with you and your team to deliver a client’s project.

How White Label SEO Reselling Works

White label SEO companies provide services to every digital marketing agency. These agencies may then resell services to other clients.

White label service companies look after delivery aspects, tools, and employees. Without getting worried about professionalism, resellers may focus on clients’ affairs. This means resellers don’t need any specialization, but they still provide many services.

Resellers consider outsourcing their clients’ work to a trusted partner and not to third parties. There must be an agreement between the reseller and the white label SEO agency.

Functions of White Label SEO

When your company chooses to deal with marketing agencies, the business will sometimes need to deal with every task associated with direct interaction and account management with clients.

In contrast, a white-label provider will deal with SEO optimizations and white label deliverables and, at the same time, oversee management efforts that are geared towards strengthening a positive relationship with clients, carrying out tracking activities, and providing SEO dashboard reports.

White Label SEO Tool

After laying a roadmap for your SEO business or digital marketing agency, you might want to use a white label SEO tool. Choosing the right tool is essential, and the best way to achieve it is to evaluate its features.

For instance, a good tool should be able to give SEO audit reports. SEO audits will not enable you to land new customers. They will offer you a chance to sell extra services while increasing more chances of having contract renewals. Apart from SEO audits, you can also consider the following features:

Competitor research

Backlink data and link outreach opportunities

SEO campaigns tracking

Customer access to the dashboard

Concluding Remarks!

SEO remains an important element of successful digital advertising strategies. But white label SEO is a better option for every agency looking to expand their marketing offerings without the need to divert their attention away.