Best YouTube Video Description Strategy

Best YouTube Video Description Strategy

What is a Video Description?

A description for a video is a part of the metadata that helps YouTube comprehend the content of the video. Well-optimized reports will result in a higher ranking on YouTube search results. If you want a quicker and easier solution to increasing your rankings, you can also buy YouTube views from a reputable provider, such as SubPals.

Why is your description essential?

Alongside your video’s title and tags, YouTube uses your descriptions to determine the content (and the context) that you have included in the video content.

Another way to think of it is that an optimized description can increase the rank of your video in YouTube search results (and Suggested Video).

Best Practices

Aim For 200+ Words

Indeed, a description like this won’t provide YouTube with the information you need about the video. If YouTube does not understand the content of your video, they’re less likely to give it a high ranking in the search results.

This is why you should write lengthy, detailed descriptions of your videos (at least 200 words).

Concentrate on the First 2 or 3 Sentences

YouTube’s algorithm emphasizes keywords that appear within your description’s first couple of paragraphs.

Improve Your Description to be a good fit for CTR

The first few paragraphs in your video’s description are crucial for your video’s click-through rate.

Therefore, it is essential to make your video search engine friendly and appealing to click. If not, users will be able to scroll past your video’s results.

You shouldn’t include hyperlinks to your social media accounts and your YouTube channel at the start of your text description.

You can tell that the links do not make your video appear attractive.

Instead, begin your description with the advantages someone can gain by watching your video.

Repeat the Target Keyword 3 times

After you’ve added your keyword at the start of your text description, you can repeat the keyword more.

It’s not all about using keywords ( which can get you in trouble). The only thing you’re doing is highlighting that your video is on the subject.

Use Related Keywords

Include relevant keywords in the description of your video. This will give YouTube more information about the video. Additionally, including keywords related to your video in your report will aid in ranking for those keywords on YouTube and Google searches.

As an example, let’s say your primary keyword could be “how to use Photoshop.”

Related terms are things like:

  • Utilizing Photoshop
  • Photoshop tips for Photoshop
  • Starting using Photoshop

Utilize Original Content

Ensure that your description is unique for every video you post to YouTube.

If you have old videos on your YouTube channel with a similar description template, Go back and write an original description using these suggestions in this article. This will bring your old video back to life.

Keep it conversational

Don’t forget that your description does not only serve to feed YouTube’s algorithm. Many viewers will look over your report and decide whether or not they want to keep viewing your content.

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