What is YouTube Watch Time?

What is YouTube Watch Time?

Watch time” is defined as the number of times people have watched the video you uploaded to YouTube. YouTube has proven that Watch Time is an essential element of the search and discovery algorithm.

It’s crucial to mention that Watch Time is different from Retention of Audience.

The percentage of Audience Retention is the number of videos that viewers watch. 

Why is Watch Time important?

YouTube has been on record multiple times to make creators aware that the company prefers to promote and rank videos with a lot of Watch Time. You can buy YouTube subscribers with SubPals.

Best Practices

Enhance the Retention of Audiences

It turns out that the same strategies that increase the retention of your audience will also boost Your Watch Time.

(After all: If a viewer quits watching after five seconds (which isn’t likely to help your Audience Retention or Watch Time any favors).

Here are a few that are the best strategies to increase the retention of your audience:

  • Make the Most of The First 15 seconds: Most YouTube viewers decide to judge the quality of a video by just the initial 15 seconds of content. It’s crucial to grab viewers from the moment they begin to watch.
  • Combine Things: People don’t like static video. Make sure you change camera angles, styles of visuals, music…anything that keeps your video exciting and new.
  • Plan Outline, Script, and Script: Planning and creating scripts for your videos ahead of Time generally results in an improved finished product.

Create longer videos.

Here’s the reason why longer videos are great for increasing the amount of Time you watch them:

Imagine that you make two videos video A as well as Video B.

Video A runs for six minutes. Video B runs for 12 minutes.

Let’s suppose that your audience retention for both of these videos is the same as 50 percent.

Let’s also assume that 1,000 people are watching each video.

Its Watch Time for Video A is 3000 Minutes. The Watch Time for video B? is 6,000 minutes.

Furthermore, because Video B has 2x the Time to watch compared to Video A, it’s more likely to rank on YouTube Search (and get promoted on YouTube’s homepage, as well as the sidebar with suggested videos).

This isn’t just an idea. An earlier YouTube ranking factor study revealed that longer-length video clips (>15 minutes) beat shorter ones in YouTube search results.

Increase the number of subscribers

Making engaging, long-running videos will help to get an increase in Watch Time on your videos.

To increase Watch Time, you need to gain a lot of views on your videos.

What is the best method to accomplish this? Create a collection that includes subscribers to the channel. Subscribers.

This way, when you make a video, you’ll be able to reach an audience in the hundreds (or maybe even millions) of viewers waiting to see it.

(And since subscribers are more likely to be interested in your content (they’re also more likely to stay on until the very final).

Make Your Videos More Popular

In case you do not have a lot of subscribers, don’t worry. You can still earn views (and View Time) by inviting viewers off of YouTube to your YouTube channel.

Also, you could promote the video you have uploaded to your current audience of Facebook followers and followers on Twitter, followers as well as LinkedIn connections.

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